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Nails Functions

Nails Functions

Human Nails are made of Keratin. it is actually a protective protein that also makes up our hair. However, arrangement of keratin molecules in hair is completely different from arrangement of keratin molecules in nails. This is Why nails are tougher than hair

Nails Design (Nails Functions)

Nails are design for Protecting not only the fingertips and toe tips but also the surrounding soft tissue from any external injuries.

Perhaps the most important function of nails is to provide a visual advertisement of the overall health of a person. Yes! Nails can actually provide an awful lot of information about a person’s health.

Nails Structure

Nails Extension (Nails Functions)

Fingernails have a faster growth rate compared to toe nails. Fingernails grow at a rate of 3.5 mm per month while toe nails only manage 1.6 mm a month.

To grow 1 centimeter nail take 100 days (approximately) and to completely renew they need 4 to 6 months. While toenail take much longer time 12 to18 months.

There is a popular myth that white spots on nails are indicative of calcium or zinc deficiency. That is far from being true. They don’t indicate any kind of vitamin deficiency. They are rather outcomes of some kind of trauma that befell nail plates or the matrix which essentially is the source of the nail plate.

Nails Anatomy (Nails Functions)

As we said earlier, nails are very complex and they are made up of several parts. The visible area ( the hard part) is actually the nail plate.

A part of the nail is hidden underneath the cuticle. This part is the actual living part of the nail and is know as the matrix. The matrix actually turn into nail plate.

The Person on the average has up to 100,000 to 150,000 hair strands on his or her head.

Nails grow faster in summer than winter-because in summer nail get close to sun more than winter which increases Vitamin E to help grow nails faster than winter.

Nails For Girls (Nails Functions)

Are you male? then you must know your nails grow faster than female nails, except during pregnancy where female nails grow faster.

Which hand do you use? Right, then you must know this. Nails of the hand which you use most grows faster then the other hand.

Longer the fingers you’re faster your nails grow.

After recovering from ill your nails grow faster.

Nail growth is affect by nutrition, Hormone & age.


Nails and Health (Nails Functions)

Nail problem causes 10% skin problem.

Discolored nails reflects the health of your body.

Do you know nails & hairs are made of protein keratin.

Nails (plates) are made of dead cells they don’t breath while nail beds & cuticles are made of live cells which need oxygen. So don’t use excessive nail polish. (That’s why nails don’t sweat)

Your toenails are twice as thick as your fingernails.

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